I am too busy at work to have complete thoughts today so have gone to the comments for this one.  Thanks P/O.
“Chokers: soon to be back in style?”

God, I hope not,


Dorigen and P/O,

May I first just point out that I 100% have Shannen Doherty’s hair from the above picture right now.  I was also recently told that I look like Daria, but that I “probably get that comment a lot.”

*Ahem*, I DO NOT get that comment a lot, and I hope to never get it again by NEVER being seen with my arms crossed and in a surly disposition.  Wait, I’m sort of surly right now and crossing my arms over this keyboard.  Still, thank you, my dear sister, for pointing out that at least I wasn’t told I look like Velma.

Zoinks!  I guess you’re right.  Anywho, I concur with my sister’s concern about chokers.  This happened recently

…and it is a sign of the Apocalypse.  An Apocalypse caused by us all choking ourselves to decadently bejeweled death.  Let the neck breath!  What?  A high neckline isn’t demure enough and you have to cover up the inches between it and your chin?  Show us a small patch of skin, so we know you’re still alive.

Confession time: I remember that in the 1990’s (high school) I used to perma-wear a black ribbon knotted around my neck.  It would rot off after a couple of months, and then I’d replace it with another.

Now I see fit to judge others, and I thank you to stare.


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