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No-Chip Nail


Please explain “no-chip” nails.


Dear Dorigen,

When getting a standard manicure, the chipping (for me) begins on day one; in fact, I’ve usually smudged at least two nails when exiting the salon.  So, this no chip business is a miraculous thing.

About a month ago, I experienced the no chip.  After an hour of repeated trips under the heat lamp and a cost double a standard manicure, I had perfect nails.  They were perfect for a whole week, and at the end of a perfect second week, I felt like an undead goddess, unable to tarnish or change.  But, the changes came, and they were unfortunate.

Apparently I was supposed to have this nail polish professionally removed after three weeks (at the most), but I thought I’d see it through.  After the third week, the color had yellowed somewhat and the polish hadn’t chipped so much as peeled off in sections, from the cuticle up.  If I helped the peeling along, the top layer of my nail came with it. 

By the end of the forth week, I was finding chunks of glittered polish surrounding my desk at work.  It’s now been about six weeks, and I am sans polish, with all of my nails a little worse for wear.  I suggest giving the no chip a try if you want to feel like a super being for two weeks, and then a hag monster for four.