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Cashmere for Babies

Dear Emily,

Your beloved J.Crew has just launched a line for babies.  This is an adorable sweater:

hug me

The question is, does my 3 month old child need a $93 sweater made out of (hypoallergenic) baby alpaca wool hand knit in Bolivia by “a self-managed community of indigenous women, enabling them to afford proper health care and schooling for their children”?  The answer: No.  What are your thoughts?


Dear Dorigen,

Le sigh.  Le purr.  Le cashmerrrrrrre for babies.

Now, I can understand the obvious connection between babies ‘N cashmere: babies are wonderful and soft and precious and expensive; cashmere is wonderful and soft and precious and expensive.  But, I cannot with babies IN cashmere; these little guys are messy.

If they are lucky, 9 out of 10 babies will be begrudgingly stuffed into one of these tangerine stripped cashmere sweatshirts or a heather grey onesie with a heart/pirate insignia and immediately spew whatever they can all over it, in every impossible direction.  Babies want to be naked anyway, and they don’t understand that this confection wrapped around them cost $178, plus tax and shipping.

Admittedly, I am all for spending a significant price on clothing if need be, i.e. I have said to myself that I will wear these fancy dark wash, straight leg jeans for one year, so I will spend the $129.  But best laid plans something something dark side, because my $129 jeans, purchased oh a few months ago, just ripped a gaping hole in the crotch on my way to work today.  The diligent sew job with the Walgreen’s sewing kit at $4.99 only angered the hole, which reasserted itself more aggressively throughout the day, until I had to then feverishly seek out the nearest Gap for less-than-fancy dark wash, straight leg jeans on sale for $53.  They are mom jeans.

For all that extra spending, I could have just gotten my darling baby niece a darling baby cashmere sweater for a quick snapshot before all the spewing.   So, in about face conclusion, “sure” to baby cashmere, and “absolutely” to sweatpants.

Love you,


Over the Knee Boots


As a grown woman in my 30’s, are over-the-knee boots fabulous or shameful?


These are too rich for my blood and are listed as “5th Avenue Extended-Front Knee Boot.”

Ok, full disclosure – so, that picture shows some super cute boots, and if I was actually able to buy those, there would be no question that I would buy them, regardless of your response.

But, you know I’m checking out these from, you guessed it, Aerosoles.



Dearest Emily,

As a working mom, I have to say over-the-knee boots are totally impractical and a waste of money.  And that I would also totally rock those ones above in a heartbeat.  Personally, I think over-the-knee boots that hit just at the knee are totally leg-elongating and cute.  Any higher and you get into Pretty Woman territory and nobody needs that.  Your brand-loyalty to Aerosoles is steadfast and enduring, and I find those boots to be pretty cute and safe for the price, though they are faux leather, which needs to be seen in person.  

But I have to ask, why do shoe stores name all of their shoesWHY are the boots you linked to called “Baking Sota”? Is that a pun?  Because I’ve spent several minutes thinking about it and I am coming up blank.  It’s not even descriptive. 

This one, for instance, is called “Bridel Suite”:

26_BRIDEL-SU_BRIDEL-SU001_6Why??  So it’s an alternative spelling of “bridal suite.”  There is nothing bridal about a tall black boot.  “Bridle Suite” might have kind of worked because it’s sort of a riding-boot style and bridle=horse-related, ok I can get there.  But Bridel? I googled it and it’s a town in Luxembourg.  Is there a wacky tongue-in-cheek boot-related reference I’m missing here?

On this search, I also found a link to the website of one David Bridel, “choreographer, teacher of acting, movement and clown”.   I wonder how many people looking for reasonably-priced bridal gowns end up on his site, and how many end up hiring him as a clown for their special day.  Probably none.