DorEm Answers is a series of Q & A’s in the form of letters between two sisters (Dorigen and Emily).  You’re invited to read their musings about understanding the iconography of pop culture; each sister assumes that the other’s answer or non-answer (however mocking, biased, or nonsensical) is gospel.

Dorigen, the older of the two sisters (and therefore, by birthright, is listed first), lives in New York Nashville, where she dominates the financial world by day, and rocks out by night.  She spends her free time traveling across the globe, experiencing nature as her inner adventurer “Danger Dorge,” and winning elaborate scavenger hunts for the thrill of intellectual victory.

Emily, the baby of the family (by age and attitude), works for a software company near Chicago and she sometimes does other stuff.  She spends her free time indoors, where she watches RuPaul’s Drag Race on repeat, cross-stitches, and perpetually attempts to reinvent her style into that “preppy boho” look that’s all the rage with hipsternts.*

* Hipsternt: the anti-hipster.

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