Do you have a question that you want answered?  Ask, and you shall receive (a post)…

8 thoughts on “Ask

  1. p/o says:

    Answer all or none:

    1. What is the relationship between TV’s Benson and Kudos candy bars? Provide links.

    2. Which is worse: men in polo shirts, khakis, and woven leather belts _or_ crocks?

    3. Explain blouses with a low waistline in the back and a high waistline in the front.

    4. Chokers: soon to be back in style? Discuss.

    5. Why did so many men have large (often “tribal”) prints on their tee-shirts a few years ago? Why did they then suddenly disappear?

    6. Is “Is the ‘maxi’ the new ‘mini'” the new black?

    • Em says:

      P/O~ Thanks for questioning! We are going through your list and will be speckling answers to your questions in the coming weeks. So far, we have answered #3 mullet shirts and #4 chokers. Stay tuned for more and feel free to continue to question. ~Em

  2. Madeleine says:

    In honor of your sister site… “Sisters are doing it for themselves” = please explain. That duet (Aretha and Annie Lennox?) seems so unlikely, and the Simpsons ref (w Bart and Milhouse jumping on the bed singing it, in drag) is too too sweet.

  3. Aimee says:


    Please explain why we (me & Alysson R) can’t finish a workout. Thank you.

  4. olivia says:

    Emily and Dorigen:
    This is not a joke: what are some simple rules for properly wearing a belt outside of belt loops (i.e. with a blouse, dress, etc.)?


  5. Olivia says:

    What kind of sandals are appropriate if one is trying to curate a summer look that is a hybrid of Lana del Rey, Winnie from the Wonder Years/the daughter from Madmen, a bingo hall old lady, and Ingmar Bergman?

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