Over the Knee Boots


As a grown woman in my 30’s, are over-the-knee boots fabulous or shameful?


These are too rich for my blood and are listed as “5th Avenue Extended-Front Knee Boot.”

Ok, full disclosure – so, that picture shows some super cute boots, and if I was actually able to buy those, there would be no question that I would buy them, regardless of your response.

But, you know I’m checking out these from, you guessed it, Aerosoles.



Dearest Emily,

As a working mom, I have to say over-the-knee boots are totally impractical and a waste of money.  And that I would also totally rock those ones above in a heartbeat.  Personally, I think over-the-knee boots that hit just at the knee are totally leg-elongating and cute.  Any higher and you get into Pretty Woman territory and nobody needs that.  Your brand-loyalty to Aerosoles is steadfast and enduring, and I find those boots to be pretty cute and safe for the price, though they are faux leather, which needs to be seen in person.  

But I have to ask, why do shoe stores name all of their shoesWHY are the boots you linked to called “Baking Sota”? Is that a pun?  Because I’ve spent several minutes thinking about it and I am coming up blank.  It’s not even descriptive. 

This one, for instance, is called “Bridel Suite”:

26_BRIDEL-SU_BRIDEL-SU001_6Why??  So it’s an alternative spelling of “bridal suite.”  There is nothing bridal about a tall black boot.  “Bridle Suite” might have kind of worked because it’s sort of a riding-boot style and bridle=horse-related, ok I can get there.  But Bridel? I googled it and it’s a town in Luxembourg.  Is there a wacky tongue-in-cheek boot-related reference I’m missing here?

On this search, I also found a link to the website of one David Bridel, “choreographer, teacher of acting, movement and clown”.   I wonder how many people looking for reasonably-priced bridal gowns end up on his site, and how many end up hiring him as a clown for their special day.  Probably none.


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