Mullet Shirt

Dorigen & P/O,

Let’s take a look at another question submitted by our fan:

“Explain blouses with a low waistline in the back and a high waistline in the front.”

Ah, the mullet shirt.  In contrast to the haircut, the top is all business in the back and a scantily clad party in the front (the business being hiding a lower back tramp stamp and the party being showing off a contoured, spray-tanned midriff and/or high waisted pant or skort).


I must admit that I did not find the mullet shirt strange in the 80’s. A friend of mine had an oversized white button down version that was very pseudo-tux shirt/tux jacket.  Why buy both?  And I thought she was working it with black stirrup leggings and black velvet flats.  I also remember a lot of standard cut shirts being tucked in the front and loose in the back; the mullet shirt must have been some sort of emulation of that conspicuously “casual” styling.

I feel like this trend started to cover up all those flat asses in the 80’s.  For years I was convinced that Queen’s song “Fat Bottom Girls” was in fact “Flat Bottom Girls,” because all the “ladies” in the hair rock videos wore high wasted bikinis that did nothing for their backside.

Now the hipsters are coveting all things from the 80’s and 90’s, with no discerning eye for ugliness.  I wish the kids were employing a sense of irony, but instead it all seems to be just a gross misunderstanding.  I blame Urban Outfitters for this massive fashion confusion of a generation.

We wore mullet shirts because we were trying something new, something beachy, and we were wrong.  Learn from our mistakes; don’t repeat them.


One thought on “Mullet Shirt

  1. haha I can totally realate to this post!

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