Covid 2: Professionals

Dear Dorigen,

I wish you the best as you heal from covid. As you know, I managed my covid days with the tv show, V, which was mostly chosen in a fever-dream-like state. If you’ve already finished rewatching the timeless Pride and Prejudice (1995) and Persuasion (1997), might I suggest a turn in the completely opposite direction of romantic fiction: professional YouTube videos? Like, YouTube videos showing one’s profession. I’m subscribed to all of these.

Dr. Kirk Honda is always charming, but this psychiatrist’s take on the The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart series is especially informative and hilarious, as he tackles potential personal traumas and deeply uninteresting music vocal choices. I hope to never actually watch that show.

Fashion notes: Professional button-down shirts in blue and pink tones, and the occasional t-shirt (which usually include an explanation).

Deeper than Hair and Elite Hair Care USA beautifully cut, style, and treat hair with love and understanding, especially for those with alopecia or other hair health challenges.

Fashion notes: Fabulous hair, fabulous nails, fabulous rings, and the occasional obligatory face mask.

I will often fall asleep to Baumgartner Restoration. The sounds of dropped rusty tacks and a dull scalpel, scrapping against an ancient canvas are delightful.

Fashion notes: Art restoration chic involves tightly trimmed hair, jeans, and a button down shirt under a work apron.

Since you didn’t heed my warning, and you watched The Hoof GP anyway (it’s so gross and so captivating), you may find Mountain Rug Cleaning and Lubuskie Centrum Czystości just as gross and captivating, but with no discernable puss.

Fashion notes: Pristine white rain boots pair well against filthy rugs and soap bubbles.

Have you stumbled onto any interesting things to watch in your alerted state?



P.S. I’ve already offered to send you a jigsaw puzzle and texted a Karen Puzzles video to you. Both are there for you if you change your mind.

Fashion notes: Middle part, rectangle glasses, gold nail polish, and a love for gradient puzzles that hasn’t reached her wardrobe. Karen is usually in stripes or solids.

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