The V in coVid

Dear Dorigen,

To put it mildly, covid is awful. Pete and I finally got it after years of being careful, locking ourselves away, vaccines, boosters, masks, scented anti-bacterial sprays, etc. I expected the many hours of sleep, the fever, the inability to taste, the aches, the coughs, the phlegm; I didn’t expect the fuzzy brain fog. My dreams are so uninformative.

To help us through, Pete and I carved out the occasional 45-minute timeslot to watch an episode of V (1984-5). I keep seeing familiar faces in the actors: Michael Ironside (I was his character in Scanners one year for Halloween), June Chadwick (she’s the girlfriend in This is Spinal Tap), Marc Singer (The Beastmaster, but really I know him best by me thinking he’s Kevin Bacon), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger and recently sans-eyes on Stranger Things), and Sheryl Lee Ralph (OMG, I clocked her immediately as the co-star to Morris Day in New Attitude).

We got half-way through V: The Complete Series when we realized that the “complete series” is actually part 3 of the franchise. V: The Original Miniseries and V: The Final Battle (which is somehow part 2) apparently came first and will be watched in time. My guess is the fashion is the same in all: the villainous aliens in red spandex with triangle crotch coverings, the heroic humans in blue denim and brushed out perms, and the half-breed star-child in head-to-toe purple.

I’m finally on the other side of covid and back to work, but the brain fog is still confusing things. Perhaps when it’s cleared, Marc Singer will be Marc Singer, and not Kevin Bacon, but I’m unsure. Also, with so many inspiring fashions in V, one could compile a killer Halloween costume, but I’m already prepped and ready to be a tomato.

Are you ready for your upcoming costuming: Great Gatsby attire for a friend’s fabulously themed wedding anniversary party? Are there feathers? How many feathers?



P.S. I haven’t yet seen how Diana does her “scientific best” to command someone’s fleet.

P.P.S. Inspired by an episode of Karen Puzzles, I also watched The Circle. This is not to be confused with The Circle (with Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and digs at Google), not The Secret Circle (about teens with witchcraft powers, headband-length skirts, and mascara), and not Circle (the ethics-horror movie where the white guy wins). No, I watched season 3 of The Circle, the reality show where people never see their fellow contestants and they vote each other out of temporary apartments for money. Two of the Spice Girls made an appearance in Season 4. ❤

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5 thoughts on “The V in coVid

  1. Steve says:

    This scene rocked 13 year old Steve’s world. No greater plot twist (or CGI) since.

  2. Dina weiss says:

    Perhaps a tomato with a triangle crotch cover?

  3. […] wish you the best as you heal from covid. As you know, I managed my covid days with the tv show, V, which was mostly chosen in a fever-dream-like state. If you’ve already finished rewatching the […]

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