What are your feelings about Robsten and the recent traumatic events that have devastated millions of Twihards, myself included?  Is the dream over?  Will there be no more Terrible fan art?



I must admit that I wish Robsten had seen their relationship through to some ridiculous wedding, and perhaps a half breed child of pale coloring.  The charm of Them was not because of a decadently-terrible-movie romance realized; I just genuinely (or naively) thought they were a cool couple, never fully admitting their coupledom. 

Initially, I was less heartbroken, and more disappointed, disappointed that Kristen Stewart is a dumbass after all.  She finally admits that she is in a relationship with Rob, but does so in a public letter of apology for cheating with her married director.  The Robsten relationship officially ended and started for us simultaneously.  The letter should have gone to Rob only, and she should have said nothing to us because their relationship has never been any of our business anyway. 

But its women who wear the scarlet letter.  The affair cost Kristen the starring role in subsequent “Huntsmen” films; meanwhile, the married with children director she slept with gets to keep his job and his wife.  Horrifying.  I instantly forgive her for the affair, the betrayal of that cute-but-too-far-apart-eyed heartthrob, and for sharing her passed note of apology with the class. 


2 thoughts on “Robsten

  1. dangerdorge says:

    What will they tell Renesmee???

  2. […] Back on topic… I also learned that, for a children’s show about drag queens (yeah, I said it), “Jem and the Holograms” can be for reals judgmental.  Like in Season 1, Episode 25: Culture Clash, when Jem openly mocked “concept art.”  Darling, with five and a half pink Pomeranians on your head, you are in no position to read.  Also, Jem was having none of the actor from Season 3, Episode 4: Beauty and the Rock Promoter, after he took off his electric beast costume.  (Is that what happened to Robsten?) […]

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