Pointy Shoulder Blazer


Please explain a pointed-shoulder blazer.



I cannot possibly discuss pointy shoulder blazers without first sharing this amazing video of a local TV news anchor mocking two of the Kardashians wearing their matching versions of such:

Priceless.  Their voices are intolerable. 

Yeah, I don’t know.  I am old enough to remember shoulder pads and 80s power suits and am thus old enough to be shocked that they ever made a comeback, but what the hell do I know?  And when I think of 80s power suits, I obviously think of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

Single mother of five goes on vacation, babysitter dies, teenage Christina Applegate (!) lies about age to get high-powered fashion industry job to support family.  Amazing 80s power officewear ensues!  Wonderful!!  How does this movie only have 31% on Rotten Tomatoes?  Oh right, because it’s actually horrible.  I have seen it at least 10 times.   And so have you.  Because we taped it off of TV and watched that VHS cassette until no adjustment of the “tracking” knob could fix it. 



Yes.  OMG.  My favorite part of DTMTBD is when Applegate is daydreaming about her burger (tacos?) truck boyfriend, and clown music plays.  Love.  Do you remember her herringbone braid?  White-wine spritzers?  Oh, and those ridiculous fashion uniforms that save the day?!  I loved every work day outfit of hers and often think of them when putting together my work looks.  Today I wore plastic hot pink shoes with my suit.  Work.


One thought on “Pointy Shoulder Blazer

  1. Fashion always makes a comeback! The pointy shoulder blazer is obviously a modernized version of the boxy shaped shoulder padded blazers of the 80’s. Of course we all found those hideous a decade later… but then again, so much in fashion is in one day and out the next, only to have a future generation pick it up, twist it around and re-create a new trend with it. As much I dislike the boxy blazers from the 80’s, I love the new fitted, pointy shouldered blazers of the now. I found your blog because I am searching for a sewing pattern for one of these such blazers! LOL! Just thought I’d leave my mark while I was here. Cheers to you and good day.

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