I know in theory that my owning this $500 handbag will not solve any of the problems I may or may not have in my life, but when I held it today, it really felt like it might.  Why are handbags so expensive??  Why can’t I be satisfied carrying my belongings in a plastic handled Duane Reade bag?  My consumerism scares me.




If you have come to me for reason, you have come to the wrong sister.  Behold the anti-plastic Duane Reade option that I covet…

Marc Jacobs

I have been hunting for a sophisticated, cross-body, tan leather purse that fits an iPad and maybe a shoe for some time now.  I found perfection in this Marc Jacobs for $428.  This bag is my “forever sweater,” if you will.  But, I’m sorry, that’s crazy money that I do not have. 

I warn you, when you visit in a couple weeks, we are going to Saks to stroke this purse in person. 

I have already shown this purse to anyone who will listen, including an aunt on the hubbie side that you need to meet, who is a stylist, and who has a super cool blog about shoes: www.shoes-of.com.  And, yes, this is a pic of me in my fav Aerosoles that I wore to your wedding.  They are my “walking heels.” 

Anywho, I completely refuse to help you with your purse/consumerism plight.  All I can do is feed the beast. 


P.S. J Crew (AKA J Cute, AKA J Crute) has some nice options for less, but they are either tiny or gargantuan; take your pick. 

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