Water Parks


Please explain a water park.



Water parks are a wonderful thing. 

Do you remember “J’s Amusements Park” in Guerneville, CA?  It was deep in the middle of the tallest woods and across from the best pee-wee golf ever.  The park had a questionable water slide with mild (pre-teen “lifeguard”) supervision.   It was wonderful.

Most recently I visited the other water park of my childhood – “Noah’s Ark” in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  Under new management and because I am now in my 30’s, the experience was unfortunately lackluster.  Half the park was closed and we ran out of things to do in just a couple hours.  Our last visit a few years ago lasted two full days and resulted in a deeply earned sunburn. 

Still, water parks, are one of my favorite vacation options.  Every single water park, regardless of when it was built, is a trip back to the 80’s – lots of neon, frivolity, and teenagers.  While I could do without the teenagers (I have recently decided than anyone under the age of 32 is the worst), I love this nonsense world of decadence and splashing. 


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