Please explain ombre hair.

look into my roots



I’m about to stream-of-counsciousness this one.  Ombre is french for fading one color into another that originated to make backgrounds look cool in Powerpoint in the 90s.  Fact.

I guess it is also a dying process for fabric.  There was lots of ombre on the runway a few years ago.

The hair version came about as an extension of this for fancy stylists to show off how good they are with dye and to kind of replicate sun-bleached hair growing out?  I prefer it in cake form.

Ombre is not to be confused with “hombre.” 

In Closing, Paul Newman was hot.  I may have to do a complete retrospective of his films soon.



2 thoughts on “Ombre

  1. […] I KNEW that P.J.-inspired dress would come in handy one day. I feel very fancy. I think I need wigs; lots of wigs, like a room of wigs. And an ombre brow. […]

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