Team Building


My bowels are filled with dread as I prepare for a 2-day work retreat. I wouldn’t mind so much if it had the possibility of being something like this:

But it’s going to be two full days of poorly conceived powerpoint presentations in a crappy hotel in Connecticut. What is the worst work-related activity you’ve had to be a part of?



Girl, I am all for team building.  Um, my senior high school camping trip ended in my group winning the team building award, and I think it was in large part to me jumping into the lake from my canoe to help teach best rescue techniques and for using the plastic bag that held our props for the talent competition as a hair piece, because we ran out of props. 

I will trust-exercise anyone under the table. 

These events are an excuse to do ridiculous things with people that can otherwise be intimidating or annoying.  Have fun.  But to answer your question, the worst work related activity that I have had to endure is sharing a large bathroom.  Ugg.


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