Please explain Cinnabon.



Mt. Dew may be nectar from the Gods, but a Cinnabon is my ambrosia.  I will consistently walk past the delicious scent of Mrs. Field’s cookies at the mall food court* for these excessively large, decadently undercooked, dessert/breakfast/lunch/dinner/reason-to-live treats. 

And then Burger King made a deal.  Chicago is littered with display Cinnabon balloons, that I could easily excuse if they were wearing a Burger King crown tipped to the side.    


After (multiple) taste tests at the BK, I have found that… Lost is the freshness.  Lost is the experience of watching expert part-time teenagers and the occasional sassy crazy person make these rolls (these “bons,” if you will) from scratch, right in front of you, with a pound of butter like the heavens intended.  Lost is the gargantuan size.  Lost is the recipe too, because I swear they taste different – is that WHEAT flour I taste? 

I don’t like to see my big babies this way, but I’ll tell you straight, my future is sealed – I will never enter a Burger King again without ordering this dessert. Stale or not, these are ancillary Cinnabons, which is infinitely better than no Cinnabons.


P.S. If you noticed the * and if you saw the movie “Mallrats,” then you know a correction is about to take place.  “The food court is downstairs. The cookie stand is upstairs… Eateries that operate within the designated square downstairs count as food court. Anything outside of said designated square counts as an autonomous unit for mid-mall snacking.”  Apparently. 


Wait, there are no free standing cinnabons anymore???  That was my airport treat!  Oh the humanity.  Between this and Taco Bell, part of my soul has died.



OMG, no, you can still purchase Cinnabons at your local mall or airport; in fact, might I suggest we start a franchise?  Sorry for the confusion / horror; I was just sayin’ I could walk around not eating a Cinnabon or I could walk to my local BK (which is only a block away, next to the Dunkin Donuts) and pick up a stale sort-of Cinnabon.



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