S, S, Double, Double U, To The V


I’m having a major early 90s R&B nostalgia moment.  Apparently, so are SWV.  They’ve got a new album out, I Missed Us.  Girls, so did I.  They just don’t make girl groups like this anymore.  The attitude, the NAILS!  It makes me want to grab two friends and dress up in matching leather vests, caps and huge earrings.

Take a walk down memory lane with me, sis.  This video is amazing.  I love their ghetto living room with the ironing board in it.  Keepin it real.



Yes, girl, yes.  Do you remember when I visited you in Boston, and we went to fix your tips?  I got just the one nail done, and it was SWV style – my pinkie was a long sunset with an island, palm tree, seagull, and a dolphin splashing in the ocean.  Magical.


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