Dear Dorigen,

We received a question from my girl Danika; and I quote…

Douche prints out. Using homeskillet back in. I am assuming the home slice is also back on the table. Can you please explain pantsuits to me?

YES – “home slice” is definitely on the table, and as far as I’m concerned it never left; however, it does need some Miss. Havisham dusting off.  In fact, Miss Havisham‘s outlook on life would have vastly improved had she used the Urban Dictionary as a word-of-the-day resource.   True of us all.

Also, I will happily explain pantsuits.  First, let’s define our terms, because “pantsuits” and “pant suits” are two very different beasts.

Pant suits can be cute…

No my name ‘aint baby, it’s Jackie, Miss Brown if you’re nasty.

Meanwhile, pantsuits, are not, nor can they ever be, cute.

Yes? My name is Baby...

Who knew (other than Google) that the elimination of a single space would result in such catastrophe?

“Pantsuits” are matchy-matchy, often bright/citrus colored, often elastic-implied, synthetic material outfits that are always worn as a unit.  These are not separates, honey, so don’t even try it.  They are a single step from a nurse’s uniform and worn by ladies a half step away from the nursing home.

I fully plan on wearing these comfort-over-style-sets, while sipping iced tea and eating cheesecake at the Shady Pines retirement home.  Please join me.



I feel like we have ignored the men here.  I wasn’t even sure the casual two-piece suit for men still existed, but lo and behold it does!

Favored by the stylish urban man of a certain age in the 1980s and often seen headed to/from church on a summer Sunday on Lisbon Ave in Milwaukee, this was the casual jazzy alternative to a more formal suit look.  And I am so happy to know this website exists.   For all your colorful suit, walking stick and alligator skin shoe needs!  


One thought on “Pantsuits

  1. home slice says:

    I was perhaps to incorrect in my line of questioning. After meeting with em at the aquarium she informed me that what am talking about is the horrifying trend of long legged rompers and/ or the backwoods custom of wearing “hiiking booties” with said flowery fashion Faux pas. (This is also includes elastic waist banded and belted varieties of this species) please explain.

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