Please explain Longchamp…

…and why everyone owns one.



Yeah, I think those are gym bags for rich people?  Or bookbags for Upper East Side highschoolers?  That’s the only reason I can see for someone paying nearly $200 for the privilege of carrying a vinyl bag with a little leather flap with a logo on it.  And I guess they’re French, so that gives them that extra je ne says qua.  I see lots of these on the shoulders of sorority girl types trying to out-logo each other.  Along with these:

And these:

And these:

Next time I’m in Chinatown I ‘ll have to check out what the knock-off situation is on Canal Street.  Here’s a helpful guide for spotting a faux.  Meanwhile, I found this photo on the internets whilst searching for Lilly Pulitzer.  I apologize to whoever’s spring formal this photo is from, but it is Priceless:


One thought on “Longchamp

  1. Em says:

    Yes! This explains so much. The first person I saw carrying the Longchamp was in fact a Junior in college. I thought she was workin’ it. But then I saw so many “young business professionals” with over processed blond hair carrying them, and I didn’t know what to believe.

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