Coachella Part 2


I am a little bit bitter about the fact that my dreams of going to Coachella this year have been smashed.  First, tickets for both weekends sold out in 3 hours.  Then, after shelling out tons of cash on stubhub to buy wristbands from some horrible scalper, the festival promoters informed me I my camping pass would be invalid anyway, so I decided to cut my losses and stay the f home.  Now photos of celebs are rolling in from the festival and all I can do is HATE.  Less a question than a request to hate with me, please discuss celebs and Coachella fashion.



Grrrrl, Coachella would have been made better by your presence, but you would not have been made better by Coachella.  I may have lost my sister to tassels…

Honey, its not "down to earth" if it includes an over-sized denim Louis Vuitton bag.

or other such nonsense.  Meanwhile, the only concerts I would want to see can never exist again or ever, i.e. “Joy Division” circa 1979…

…or a live (yet still somehow animated) version of the “Chipmunk Punk” album…

I would throw my underwear onto that stage.

 …or Ol’ Dirty Bastard reading the phonebook.  

Alright, let's do this.

To beat the HATE-drums, I suggest putting on a bandana and creating a better concert than Coachella.  Might I recommend the space called “living room sing-a-long?”  My girl, Danika, and I used to rock out to this jam on repeat…


Best “concert” ever.


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