Are clogs still back or is their reprise over?  Either way (on a personal note) – are these cute and what would I even wear them with?

You know I'm Aerosoles brand loyal.

Your sis,


p.s. These shoes are also on the table.

p.p.s. Both shoes have been purchased.  BUT I’m open to returning…



I’m not 100% sure but I think to qualify as a clog, the shoe has to have a wooden sole. Those black abominations above are straight up mules, and that I cannot support. Are mules still being manufactured?  A closed-toe shoe in front, flip-flop in the back?  Let’s not go here:

Meanwhile, clogs.  Clogs were my jam in 1992.  I wore a pair similar to these every day my junior year in high school:

They were clunky, unfeminine and loud, just how we liked our shoes in the 90s. They make me think of The Real World San Francisco, which, OMG!, you can watch full episodes of on!

Rachel (front) was my style ICON.  She wore belly shirts, ribbon chokers, plaid miniskirts and clogs.  Hot.  Maybe clogs ARE due for a comeback!  But please leave the mules to the mules.


p.s. I had some vague idea that Rachel married that dude Sean from The Real World: Boston, but did you know he is now a MEMBER OF THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES??? From Wisconsin!  Just sayin.  I need to follow up with my RW/RR cast alumni!


Hilarious.  I kept the gray booties (wearing them for the first time today)  and plan to return the clogs, I mean mules.  Ahem, they totally had a fake wood sole with stamped wood grain pattern.  I actually thought I could work them out, despite your sound logic, but they are not cute on.  My feet looked like banana boats.


2 thoughts on “Clogs

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