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Please explain Carlos Santana’s line of women’s shoes (



Carlos Santana and his band, Santana, made this song famous in the 1970s and brought “latin” music mainstream.  “Oye Como Va” (arguably the most well-known Spanish language song ever in the US), was actually written by Tito Puente, who you may remember as drummer for the Jazz Caravan, Russell “Slide” Huxtable’s band from The Greatest Television Program of All Time.

I think there may actually be an applicable Cosby Show clip for every possible occasion.  Perhaps we can test that theory in future posts.  So I think Carlos Santana is considered one of the best guitarists of all time, but I have decided that he was basically the 1970s version of Ricky Martin, in that he brought Latin music mainstream.   I think a lot of people forget how Ricky Martin BLEW THE F UP in 1999 with this performance:

Then all of a sudden it was all about Latin Music and Being Latin.  This was the era of JLo, Shakira and the Macarena and suddenly Carlos Santana was in demand as the go-to guest singer for latin-tinged pop and R&B songs.  “Smooth,” his collaboration with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 was on every party playlist I made from 1999 to 2002.  My favorite example of the record industry trying to cash in on the latin resurgence was Eden’s Crush, the girl group who were put together on Popstars, a 2001 WB-aired pre-curser to American Idol.  The members were basically chosen based on how latin they looked, though most of them were actually from Hawaii or something.  They did create one of the best pop songs of all time, however, and introduced the world to Nicole Sherzinger.

So back to Carlos Santana.  According to Brown Shoe Company, the company that produces his line of women’s shoes, Carlos by Carlos Santana footwear, the shoes “reflect the same passion, artistry, and energy generated by legendary rock icon Carlos Santana’s music.”

I guess I don’t disagree with that.  Some of his shoes are kind of cute, if a bit OTT.  I’d say they’re a little younger and sassier than Jessica Simpson’s shoes, but not as cheap and poorly made as Paris Hilton’s.  All in all, not bad for an aging male rock guitarist.   


One thought on “Carlos Santana Shoes

  1. Em says:

    OMG, I totally remember that “Get Over Yourself” video, and I kept wondering how that scraggly guy with the bandana made the cut. Somebody’s brother?

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