Welcome to my Home

Dear Emily,

I have moved into the Money Pit.  A wall is falling down, there’s a hole in the kitchen floor, and none of the outlets have more than two prongs.  I was genuinely curious why the rent was so cheap.  Now I know.

My life has become a family comedy.  But it’s not funny.  Then again, neither was this:

Which leads me to my question.  Do you remember the late 1980s?  What happened between then and now that turned Ice Cube from Gangsta:

To loveable pudgy everyman starring in family films?

Just curious.



Yes, “what DID happen to Ice Cube?!”  …and to Ice T for that matter.  This man made the term “cop killer” popular, and then promptly played one on TV, “Law and Order: SVU,” or should I say, SUV (the family vehicle, *snap*). 

OR, should I say “SWV” (Sisters with Voices, and very long finger nails), because according to this, they are making a come back this year with a song entitled “I Missed Us.”  Me too girls, me too.

But, I’m clearly just stalling in answering your very valid question about Ice Cube.  The easy answer would be for me to say that he “sold out,” but really what I think happened here was that he just “grew up.”  The man has five children, and perhaps tried to do right by them. 

Now, one could argue that you can “keep it real,” even with a large brood, like Ol’Dirty Bastard.  But, then again, he was once filmed taking his THIRTEEN children to the welfare office.  That crazy, beautiful man has had so many children and such a nonsense art style that I feel I should have taken a blood test a long time ago. 


I stand by my answer of Ice Cube just growing up; like Stuart Smalley, he metaphorically decided to wear a new sweater one day, albeit a really lame sweater. 

To put this into a personal perspective… If I’d stayed true to my goth high school days, my distain for the world would be much less upbeat, and a hundred times less cute.

Change is a good thing, so long as it makes you happy and/or a lot of money.    


P.S. We will work on the new place when I visit next weekend!  Sisters!

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