Dorigen and P/O,

Here is an easy-to-answer question from one of our devoted readers (or is it “our one devoted reader?”):

“Which is worse: men in polo shirts, khakis, and woven leather belts _or_ crocks?”


Equals this…

To go about this another way, I will answer your question with another question – “What is worse than Crocks?”  That might be one of those “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” questions – there is no answer, only contemplation.

Ok, except for that one time when Bart Simpson made a clapping sound with one hand, and also the fact that Ugg boots are just as bad as Crocks, but you get where I’m going with this.  Crocks are the anti-Christ to holy shoe worship.

Meanwhile, the polo / khaki / woven belt combo is not all that bad if in a proper fit.

See, J Crew knows what I’m talking about.

But, then again, as mentioned in my bio (see the “About” page) I am so into the preppy/boho look these days that I actually saw fit to add it to my two sentence bio.


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