On Lock

Dear Dorigen,

We were not prepared for these strange days of sequestering for Coronavirus. Being at higher risk, I still didn’t actually think to work from home until a single day before my company suggested it for all employees, and then just a few days later the offices were closed officially and we are all working from home.

As someone who much prefers to go into the office than work from home, I have taken a lesser-worn t-shirt and started adding tally marks for every day of this unsettling lock down. I don’t wear this shirt very often, because when I do, I inevitably get the comment that I look just like Velma, from Scooby-Doo (my brunette bob, black glasses, and snarky looks don’t help).

Thanks again for the PJ bottoms; I am now in a non-stop-rock-block of day to night pajamas bottoms with work shirts (just in case I need to dial in to meetings with video). Although, in the beginning of the lock down for about an hour each day I would put on jeans, so that Pete and I could aimlessly walk over to Walgreens again and pick up whatever we forgot the day before – laundry detergent, drier sheets, deodorant, toilet paper (thank goodness) coffee, peanut M&Ms, etc.

Last weekend we naively went to Whole Foods to stock up on Against the Grain frozen pesto pizzas, which were absolutely sold out, as were all other grain-free frozen foods. Instead, we picked up what we could find – a sack of frozen salmon, sardines, cans of coconut milk, cans of artichoke hearts, black olives, cheese, ginger, and a bag of lemons. We have since been able to get a more substantial grocery delivery and this morning at 6am we went to the store and picked up more sardines. Now that Illinois is nearing 300 cases, we are officially staying home as much as possible

So, while we work and live at home, in our free time we are catching up on laundry and getting creative with the cooking. Oh, and I did yoga the other day.

How are you and the family getting through?



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