A High Waist Pant

Dear Dorigen,

I love a high waist pant or jean. 99.99% of the bottoms in my wardrobe have a high waist. I am always tempted to buy more, especially when scrolling through Monogram’s site (they sell t-shirts, but always pair them with a fabulous high waist).


Check out Monogram for VERY cute t-shirts.  

High waists look cool, cinch at the smallest part of my waist, elongate my legs, and suck in my pooch. The only problem with a high waist is the staggering amount of skin and underwear they show when I inevitably forget to zip up the fly, at the office, in front of coworkers, who notice.

Do you appreciate a high waist?



P.S. Oh, and I guess I should also admit that sometimes the cut of a high waist pant makes my butt look like two loose pancakes (two, very fashionable loose pancakes).

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