Wine Spectator Royalty

Dear Dorigen,

Did you sign me up to receive the Wine Spectator magazine, like that time you gifted me Teen Vogue? They suddenly started arriving and it’s a bi-weekly publication. They’re piling up so much Pete and I just started making collages with them. We made royalty.



P.S. I thought I only drank on the rare occasion (like a few times a year), but I’m currently tracking everything I eat in anticipation of another diet and discovered I’ve been having a couple glasses of wine a week; I blame the Wine Spectator.

One thought on “Wine Spectator Royalty

  1. dangerdorge says:

    I did not, would not, send someone a subscription to Wine Spectator, particularly someone who has never shown an interest in wine. I do appreciate the use you’ve put to a happenstance subscription. salut!

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