FASHION and STYLE Paris report

Hi Dorigen,

While we were in Nashville, spotting pedal pushers and a lot of orange, our Aunt Anne was in Paris, soaking up the fabulousness.


Here are her brilliant and enlightening insights:

FASHION and STYLE Paris report. Female hair styles for teens/20’s beachy hair; no highlights! 30+ short hair and not styled but “wash and wear”. Men sport 2″ or longer hair; little evidence of shaved. Dresses/skirts are knee-length or longer. Skinny jeans rein for both sexes. Parisians seem to have the skinniest, longest legs so they look fabulous. Rare to see heels; flats are all the rage and/or strappy shoes. Must have straps around the ankle. Men seem to love the suede slip-ons. The latter aggressively embrace style; that’s why there are numerous men’s boutiques. Me? I look like a tourist.

I love this woman.


One thought on “FASHION and STYLE Paris report

  1. Anne Green says:

    Bonjour. Pardon, my report was not complete. Short shorts are IN. Maxi dresses don’t exist. And if you live here permanently you will have a darling little dog as your accessory. No slutty” looks here anywhere. The most fashionable person I saw was a dandy on the Metro. He complemented his black skinny pants suit with a proper dress shirt and perfectly white, perfectly pointed lace-up shoes. I could not take my eyes off of him. He was beautiful. A bientot.

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