No Mo

Well hello there Dorigen,

Long time no blog chat. I hear you had a niece for me. Thank you. Now, on to fashion. I recently 80% decided to stop buying clothes for 1 year, and have been met with mixed reviews from family, friends, co-workers, really anyone who will fall into a conversation with me.

But, here’s the rolling thought…

A few months back I happily and without regret had a fabulous stylist do a closet consultation for me – what can go, what can be added, and what are outfits that work with what I have. I ended up purchasing some additional items, and I am happy with what I bought. Also, in my recent visit, you gifted me some hoop earring and other jewelry staples from your fab wardrobe. So, now I am wondering – at what point is my wardrobe complete? “Complete” in the I-could-go-a-year sense. Do I really need to turn 90 by the time this seemingly miraculous event occurs?

I argue, no-ish.

So, (I totally snuck in another dress purchase on 3/26), I have now 81% decided to stop buying clothes until 3/27/16.

  • This includes: clothes, shoes, bags, coats, jewelry, scarves, belts, etc.
  • This excludes: undies, bras, tights/cheap leggings, socks, etc.
  • Exceptions: A) I get to buy 1 pair of jeans (which could be jean shorts) and B) if something rips at work, and cannot be fixed with a handy sewing kit.

Am I crazy pants?


P.S. Today, I wore the Black Friday Dress.

One thought on “No Mo

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