Bib Necklace


Olivia Palermo will wrestle a grandmother to the ground for a bib necklace.

I’ll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.

And she wears her trophies well, but can real people wear these bibs without them looking like bibs?



You may know that I am guilty of loving a bib necklace.  IMHO, you can really dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit with a nice chest-piece full of beads and what-not.  I own several, much to the dismay of my dear husband.  He calls them amulets and makes lots of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom references when I wear them.  I think the bib necklace falls into that category of fashion that women love and men hate. 

I recently discovered that there is a new phenomenon in the world of “statement” necklaces: the collar.  As its name implies, it is a necklace in the shape of a collar.  Anthropologie’s website has an entire page and sub-category devoted to them.

I find the collar at best twee and at worst truly hideous, when expressed in its downmarket incarnation: 

The above picture illustrates just how difficult it is to accessorize.  You think you’re following a trend and sprucing up your every day look and you end up looking like you just escaped the crafts tent at camp Minnetonka in 1976. 

Say what you will about Olivia Palermo – she is probably most famous for being the most horrible person on a terrible show – but bitch knows how to accessorize.

This is an unwearable outfit for 99% of the population and yet she is pulling it off.  I don’t know how.  That said, I WOULD attempt to rock that bib necklace, but maybe with a solid monochromatic outfit. But I also don’t get paid to offer my advice on mixing high and low fashions.  Bitch.



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