Pixie Haircut


On a personal note I cannot deal with hair anymore.  Again.  I am thinking of getting a pixie cut variant. Again.  What are your thoughts on these…

BTW, that cute haircut I got recently stayed cute for one day.  I cannot with styling.  The above seem hassle free – some product, light straightening.




The pixie is a bold bold move.  One I’ve never had the cojones to do, but one I think you can pull off.  First, you have a nicely shaped head. Second, your hair has a wave to it, which will keep your hair from limply lying flat on your head.  Third, you seem to always be able to communicate the exact look you are going for to stylists, something I have never had any success with.  But be wary, the pixie can veer into horrible horrible places. For every cute cut up there (I particularly like Ginnifer Goodwin’s, even though I think it looks terrible on HER), there is one that should serve as a warning to you. 

A modern pixie should have a little bang sweeping across the forehead, something that no one told Hayden Panettiere before she got this career-ruining disaster.

Or Pink!, apparently.  Actually, that’s not even a pixie, that’s a full on 1996 Clooney ceasar, and it’s horrible. 

And to underline the importance of hair texture, I present Kate Moss.  Arguable the most beautiful woman alive, she was NOT pulling this off.  I think it’s because her hair is relatively fine and straight, making this look like a limp sad mess.  It’s actually just not a very good cut either. 

Compare with Shannyn Sossamon.  Her hair has a bit more texture to it, it’s a sassy cut styled well, and she looks adorable.  It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s flatteringly back-lit. Try to always position yourself in relation to the light in a similar manner.

In closing, I say GO FOR IT.  Just be wary and very very clear with your stylist.  Good luck, and no matter what, WORK IT!



Here’s the new do….

Although I’ve had this cut before, it does take some getting used to.  I am trying out best clothes to wear, and have found an earring or a necklace really helps.

Also, I don’t care if I look like a boy and I don’t care if I look like a lesbian, I just don’t want to look like Justin Bieber.  I think I have succeeded.  No?


One thought on “Pixie Haircut

  1. danika says:

    So although this site often feels like I am eavesdropping I dare to comment. I have done the pixie several times. To my utter dismay, I end up usually somewhere between the above mentioned ceasar/pink miscarriage of a hair style and the kate moss/my hair makes me look more buck toothed than I really am. Thank you for the cute pic of shannyn’s hair. This is the next pic I will take to my hair stylist just to have him tell me no and force me into something requiring more product. Em- you cannot look like a boy when wearing your sassy purple suede heels and some lovely dangly earrings. Real lesbians wear plaid and so does justin bieber. Avoid this pattern while not being successfully backlit. PS you are looking cute in this cut.

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